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Why are some people not thin and dead?


Why are some people not thin and dead?

Why do we thin people use all kinds of fattening methods but they are not fat, and some people are not thin and dead?

May be the following reasons.


Sleep very little?

銆€銆€Insufficient sleep reduces the level of a protein-leptin that regulates body abnormalities and increases the level of a growth-promoting ghrelin that stimulates food absorption.

Excessive, it enhances the sense of drought and appetite.

If you think that the longer you are awake, the more calories you burn, you have to change your mind.

In fact, about 65% of calories are consumed when our body is at rest.

Over the past 50 years, our average sleep time per night has been reduced from 9 hours to about 7 hours; at the same stage, the average weight has increased steadily.


Is the home too warm?

銆€銆€When it’s cold, our body keeps warm with calories.

Therefore, where there is central heating and air conditioning, calories are consumed too much and weight is easily increased.

For example, in the past 30 years, the average temperature of British people has increased from 13 掳 C to 28 掳 C.


Is it because of genes?

銆€銆€It may be!

Studies have shown that body mass index (BMI) may have a lot to do with heredity.

Any man and woman will not marry someone who is similar in shape, what does this mean?

If the mother is overweight, it is likely that there is an overweight father.


Is it 35 years old?

銆€銆€Women’s weight increases easily after 35 years of age, and hormones and metabolism change from menopause.

American scientists pointed out that, as in the United Kingdom and the United States, the current population is relatively older than 30 years ago, and the problem of weight gain is relatively related.


Related to medicine?

銆€銆€Some drugs are related to weight gain.

A study on oral contraceptives found that the weight of the user would increase.

Antidepressants, beta blockers and antihistamines can also increase weight.


No depression?

銆€銆€Studies have shown that men with depression will lose weight, while women with depression will get fat.

We all know that being happy and feeling satisfied with life makes us motivated to lose weight and then stay slim; and when we are depressed, we don’t have the same willpower to replace healthy eating with the top of our daily routine.


No “A reduction”?

銆€銆€Hypothyroidism, referred to as “hypothyroidism”, is an endocrine disease caused by insufficient secretion of thyroid hormone (caused by various causes).

If you get “hypothyroidism,” the body does not consume as much calories as it used to, and the result is naturally weight gain.

Is this blame for pollutants?
銆€銆€It is an indisputable fact that synthetic chemicals in pesticides and certain plastic products enter our food chain, which can upset hormones and inhibit their ability to control the body.


Have food allergies?

銆€銆€Whether food allergies cause weight gain is still inconclusive, but some scientists think it might.

One theory is that people with food allergies have a gastrointestinal permeability that allows more undigested food to pass.


Suffering from polycystic ovarian disease?

銆€銆€Women with polycystic ovary syndrome have enlarged ovaries, often with many small vesicles on them.

Forty percent of women with this complication gain weight, and other symptoms include acne, excessive body hair, menopause, and difficulty in conception.