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[Eating some food can cure premature diarrhea in men]_ diet therapy _ diet conditioning

[Eating some food can cure premature diarrhea in men]_ diet therapy _ diet conditioning

Premature ejaculation is a common male disease. Premature ejaculation is not really a disease, but it is a physiological abnormality.

Men with premature ejaculation have a heavy psychological burden.

In addition to psychological counseling and drug treatment, premature diarrhea can also be adjusted through diet. Eating more grains and protein foods will alleviate premature diarrhea. It helps to know if eating some food can treat male premature ejaculation?

The first staple food for premature ejaculation: already rice, millet, sorghum rice, cornmeal, black beans, coriander, barley and so on.

Glutinous rice contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin b and starch, etc. Glutinous rice is a mild tonic and a strong tonic.

It has a good therapeutic effect on premature ejaculation and improves sexual performance.

The second premature ejaculation should choose the fruit: mulberry, strawberry, jujube, black jujube and so on.

Strawberry vitamin amino acids, fructose, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, pectin, carotene, vitamin b1, b2, niacin and minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. These nutrients have good growth and developmentPromoting effect, can effectively inhibit premature ejaculation.

The third vegetable to choose for premature ejaculation: white lentils, yam, leek, onion, celery, lettuce, spring onion, mushrooms, etc.

Yam has the effect of nourishing the kidney and refining the essence. Yam contains a variety of nutrients, which has the function of strengthening the body and nourishing the kidney and refining essence.

Those who suffer from kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, women with more vaginal discharge and frequent urination can be treated.

The fourth premature ejaculation should be selected meat, eggs, milk: mutton, dog meat, animal kidneys, caviar, oysters, turtles, clams, pigeon eggs, pork loins, etc.

Ancient Chinese medicine believes that mutton is a good product for helping Yuan Yang, nourishing essence and blood, treating lung deficiency, benefiting from strain, and warming the stomach, and is an excellent warming and strengthening agent.

Can effectively treat premature ejaculation.

Therefore, through the introduction of the above foods for treating premature ejaculation, it is recommended that men in the daily, reasonable and reasonable mix, to achieve kidney and essence, treatment of kidney deficiency effect, prevent the formation of premature ejaculation in advance.

Many premature ejaculation problems are caused by functional problems.

You can consider using some other drugs to watch the results. In addition, you should pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol, strengthen exercise, sleep adequately, daily routine, improve physical function, and use drugs in combination to help you improve.