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Good for water, health


Good for water, health

There is an old saying in China called “good and good, bad and evil.”

Many people know this only, I don’t know why.

In the universe, the planets are all circular, and their trajectory is also round (including ellipse), the starting point is the end point, and the end point is the starting point.

The law of the operation of the universe is such that it is determined that the trajectory of the movement of things in the world is round.

The idea of good and evil is a force, which can be called the power of thought.

After the power is produced, it is necessary to return to the person who issued this power.

Once, a famous singer told me that during the Cultural Revolution, her waist was kicked by a rebel group, and she suffered from a back pain.

I said: “It can be concluded that the rebel party should eventually get sick.

“The singer said:” He died of brain shrinkage.

She asked again: “How do you know this result?

“I replied: “The end point must be the starting point, the kidney is the brain, the main marrow, this person kicked your kidney, and the brain is inevitable.”

Lao Tzu said: “If you are good at water, you will be pampered.

“The sea is at the lowest place, so that thousands of rivers can go to her.”

Although the habits of goodness are as soft as water, they are powerful and can change the inner mechanism of human beings.

Scientists have done experiments, showing dozens of people a film that can cause compassion, and then checking them. The result: everyone’s immune function has risen sharply.

The enhancement of human immunity determines the body’s ability to resist disease, showing the nature of good mentality for people’s health.

The kindness of the mind is like soft water, raising the viscera of people and making them balanced.