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[Chaoshan gourmet snacks]_Guangdong_Species

[Chaoshan gourmet snacks]_Guangdong_Species

Chaoshan is a general reference to the area where Guangdong and Fujian meet. The program “China on the Tip of the Tongue” introduces special snacks from many regions, especially Chaoshan gourmet snacks. This is mainly in Guangdong, Fujian, and other regions.Many foreigners live in these places, incorporating many foreign characteristics.

The following introduces you to some gourmet snacks, you can go to the Chaoshan area to taste.

First, kale beef stir-fried powder is marinated beef with sand tea sauce, soy sauce, raw flour, etc., chopped cabbage and fry together.

Thick sauce wrapped in kale and beef slices.

Chaoshan people can eat three meals.

Second, intestinal meal There is no intestinal meal in Chaoshan area. The history of intestinal meal is only ten years.

Chaoshan merchants in Guangzhou have already seen the good taste of Guangzhou sausage powder, while Chaoshan people who are good at doing business have transplanted the practice of sausage powder into the trend.

Thin rice flour powder is wrapped in pork, beef, eggs, shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables.

Add a few slices of lettuce and pour in braised broth.

It was delicious after eating.

The powder of rice syrup is filled with pork, beef, seafood, eggs, grilled meat, mushrooms, greens and so on.

In any case, the ingredients are the same.

The biggest difference is the sauce, the tide.

Sauce is a major feature in food culture. There are various sauces in Chaoshan area.

Third, Chaoshan Oyster is also called Taiwan’s Oyster Omelette, and it is also a must-eat snack in Chaoshan area.

It is made with sweet potato powder dissolved in water, fried with spring onions, fried in a pan, and added Shanghai sticky rice, and then lay eggs, squid, and eat delicious crispy, crisp but not hard, crisp and not soft.

Fourth, the appearance of Chaoshan salty water salamander is made of rice syrup, like a small plate.

In the middle is hot vegetables, white in color and smooth in taste.

Tasteful but chewy, the sweetness and salt of dried vegetables become a folk snack with tidal characteristics.

Some can also be added with chili sauce or sweet sauce to make the flour taste stronger and more delicious.

Fifth, when the tartar sauce is cooked, stir while cooking to make each piece mature and soft.

After adding glutinous rice syrup, the soup is as thick as thin rice cereal.

The marinade, plus some pork, pork, cured pork sausages, cured eggs, dried tofu, peanuts and other ingredients, is a perfect bowl of tartar sauce.

Very refreshing and delicious.