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Accelerated fat burning 10 rules of law


Accelerated fat burning 10 rules of law


Keep a good posture, “Look up your chest, abdomen and hips”. You have to say this to yourself at most every day. This will make your body more beautiful and will burn more aunts.


Finding a partner to lose weight together is not a diet for a few days, mad to do a few hours of exercise can achieve, weight loss to persist after the last will have an effect.

Find a partner to slim down together, everyone encourages each other and can better persist.


Guarantee a good sleep When you sleep at night, your body will burn more speed. If you maintain a good mentality during the day, it will greatly improve the quality of sleep at night, and the possibility of burning the body will be more.

The trickiest way to do this, can you always stick to it?


Avoid boiling at high temperature, so that the soup will sweat a lot, avoid excessive body water and even lead to dehydration.

However, the loss of body water does not cause slight burning and reduction, but instead causes the skin to become slack.


Do not often weigh weight loss is a long-term battle, weight tends to decrease slowly, weight loss at the beginning of weight loss does not mean that weight loss has achieved results, often weighing will only make you lose confidence in weight loss.

It is recommended that the weight should not be more than once a week.


Color control The intense appetite color can reduce appetite, and changing the tablecloth tablecloth to red, bright yellow, green or orange will reduce your food intake.


Reducing TV watching time Most people watching TV will unconsciously find snacks to eat. When you are hooked on TV dramas, how can you control the game?

2 hours before going to bed at night, it is best to take a walk outside the house, drink some boiled water to increase satiety and reduce eating.


Let yourself be busy and find something to do, keep yourself busy, and let your brain and stomach have no time to think about rich food.


Losing weight makes the mentality first “skinny” down the psychological effect on weight loss, and often maintains a calm mood.

You can try this set of imagination: lie on the bed before going to bed, imagine that you have already lost weight, become thinner, and think about those who are so envious of your body, and now your body is as good as them.

Use this as an incentive to remind you to exercise and control your diet.


Learn to say “n0” for high-conversion, high-sugar foods, learn to control yourself and say “no” to them.

If you want to eat something, use boiled water and fruit instead.

Over time, you will not be interested in these foods, maybe you will find them too oily.