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Is it really easy to use a bottle of Lan Lan powder water?

Is it really easy to use a bottle of “Lan Lan powder water”?

Lancome’s first-selling product powder, every young girl duty-free shop must buy, domestic counters 420 yuan / 400ml price, is the most cost-effective product of Lancome counters, Xiaobian today slag to see how real it isLancome Cleansing Lotion: Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cyclopentamethyl Benzene, Phenoxyethanol (1% Split Line), Palmitic Acidate, Hydroxybenzoate, PEG-60 Hydrogenated castor oil, triethanolamine, acrylic acid / C10-30 alkanol acrylate crosslinked polymer, honey, mannitol, phenolic acetate, flavor, sodium hyaluronate, cyclodextrin, sweet almondProtein, yeast extract, sodium citrate, propylparaben, disodium succinate, hydroxybenzene toluene, CI 14700, 伪-isomethylionone, hexyl cinnamaldehyde, I finished laughing, a bottle of water + glycerin++ Silicone oil + high-stimulant preservative + acne-producing agent products, the official propaganda can be wet, to tell the truth, the application of the water mask is more serious than it is safe for the skin.

“Butaldehyde, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, mannitol” as a moisturizing, very very basic moisturizing ingredient has no special features 2, water is used like milk, evenly, with cyclopentadimethylsiloxane (silicone oil)Reasons 3, butanediol, phenoxyethanol, hydroxybenzoic acid ester, hydroxypropyl propyl ester, hydroxyphenol, the first two mild polyol preservatives, but the latter three irritants, can be absorbed by the skin toxic to proteins4, palmitic acid metabolites, emollients can stimulate acne; triethanolamine, carrying impurities can cause cancer 5, honey, sweet tonsil, yeast extract, the amount of addition less than 1% can be ignored, add propaganda mainly for advertisingLooks good, “You see that I have added natural ingredients.” In fact, there is no egg, 5, pink liquid, good girl heart, CI 14700, this pigment is transferred out of 6. The Lancome family is mainly high-grade, such as L’Oreal’s muscle bottom.The liquid and the Lancome muscle base are basically the same, but the Lancome’s fragrance smells like a high-grade tone. So this product is cheap, but don’t buy it for the sake of buying a brand.鎯矨nalysis of skin care products can shout oh